Bad Nurse

[Scene 1: Introduce the protagonist, a nurse named Marie. She is shown walking down a hospital corridor wearing a tight white nurse's uniform. As he walks, he catches a glimpse of his colleague, a colleague named Lisa, who is also walking down the hallway. Marie and Lisa look into each other's eyes and smile. Marie turns to leave, but Lisa calls her and invites her to come closer.] [Scene 2: Marie and Lisa are now in Lisa's hospital room. Lisa is lying on the bed wearing a tight white tank top and shorts. Marie enters the room and closes the door behind her. She approaches Lisa's bed and begins massaging her shoulders with a lotion she brought with her.] [Scene 3: While Marie is massaging Lisa's shoulders, she begins to undress. She takes off her nurse uniform to reveal a lace bra and a pair of tight leggings. Lisa looks at her with a mixture of curiosity and lust.] [Scene 4: Marie continues to massage Lisa's shoulders and explore Lisa's body with her hands. He runs his fingers through Lisa's hair, kisses her neck and touches her breasts. Lisa responds by leaning into Marie's touch and moaning in pleasure.] [Scene 5: Marie and Lisa finally make their way to the roof of the hospital. They lie down on a blanket and kiss passionately, their hands and mouths exploring each other's bodies. The sun sets behind them, casting a warm light on the scene.][Scene 6: Marie and Lisa finally make their way to a secluded room in the hospital. They take off their clothes and lie on the bed, their bodies entwined together. They explore each other's bodies with their hands and mouths and moan with pleasure.] [Scene 7: Marie and Lisa finally reach orgasm, their bodies writhing and moaning with pleasure. The scene ends with them lying in each other's arms, smiling and cuddling.] [Scene 8: The final scene shows Marie and Lisa walking arm in arm down the hospital hallway. They both smile and laugh

Duration: 14:48

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