James Deen And Johnny Sins: Double Trouble

James Deen and Johnny Sins are the two hottest porn stars in town and when they team up for a new video, you know it's going to be a wild ride. In “Double Trouble,” the two men face each other in a fierce battle for dominance, and neither backs down from the challenge. The video begins with the two men facing each other in the ring, ready to fight. James is a seasoned professional with years of experience, while Johnny is new to the scene but eager to prove himself. As the fight begins, there is an exchange of blows between the two men, both determined to win. But as the fight drags on, it becomes clear that neither of them is willing to give up the fight. When the two men finally fall to the ground, they realize they have gone too far and have to declare a draw. But before they can get up, a group of horny women appear on the scene and demand their attention. Unable to resist the temptation, James and Johnny soon strip down and get to work. The women can't get enough of the two men and take turns having fun with their big, hard cocks. As the video comes to an end, James and Johnny are breathless, covered in sweat and cum. But they know they want more because nothing beats the thrill of a good old-fashioned double.

Duration: 25:23

Views: 88

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